Book 2 Exploring

A book for teachers who are musical, creative, and busy

Exploring the Recorder and Music Theory, Book 2, 238 pages

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Exploring the Recorder and Music Theory is the second book in the series, undergoing development and field testing for two years. In it students explore the world of harmony, learning to create their own harmonies for folk songs. My students and I were able to solve the problem of how to teach and learn harmony with single-line instruments!

The book features dozens of new pieces, fingering charts for the alto recorder, alternate fingerings on the soprano to facilitate speed, and a deeper exploration of music theory.

Exploring the Recorder and Music Theory includes a substantial review from which teachers may select their materials. Just like Introducing the Recorder and Music Theory, Exploring is organized around the same six skills essential for musicianship.

New: In Exploring, students also learn to Harmonize folk songs with tonic, dominant, and subdominant triads.

Whether students intend to go on to study music further or to end their work with this volume, they will come away with useful understanding of musical materials and insight into its elements.