Flash Mob Hallelujah in Scottsdale!


Here is one of the recordings of our performance of “Hallelujah” at the Scottsdale Fashion Square food court on Wednesday, December 22 at noon.  The place was really jammed!  The East Valley Tribune reported that police estimated the number of singers at 5,000.  Enjoy!  (You can see Mr. Greg Wilson former teacher at TPA at 3:37 in the Santa’s hat, playing — what else — a tambourine!)

One thought on “Flash Mob Hallelujah in Scottsdale!”

  1. I tried to get there, but construction and a half hour driving around the parking garage looking for parking prevented me getting there. I did get to let someone in the line so that the other lane could move, so I did something good. THANK YOU for posting this so I can live it vicariously. Is there any way I can copy this to my personal computer?

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