Teacher's Supplement

Introducing the Recorder and Music Theory, Book 1, 150 pages

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Contents of the Teacher’s Supplement

Music theory facts and concepts covered in this text
The philosophy: experience, analysis, more experience
The seven skills explored in this book
How to teach the seven skills

  • Teaching playing by ear
  • Teaching improvising
  • Teaching transposing
  • Teaching recorder technique
  • Teaching sight-reading
  • About rhythmic chanting1
  • About shaping the melody
  • Teaching dictation and use of solfège2
  • Teaching ensemble performance

Reading the text
Playing by ear songs (notated)
Additional practice worksheets index
Answers to crossword puzzles


1. The author advocates an approach to rhythm and meter similar to that used in the Orff Schulwerk.

2. Use of solfège syllables and Curwen hand signs as employed in the Kodály Method complements the text and facilitates learning.  A “moveable Do” approach with Do-based minor (a parallel approach) is recommended for use with this text.