Making music supports all learning

Laura Lewis Brown traces some of the non-musical benefits of music making.

Language development, increased IQ, giving your brain a workout, building spatial-temporal skills, improved test scores.

Of course, those of us who love the arts do so because, well, we love the arts … not because doing so benefits our performance in other subjects, or gives our brain a workout, or improves our test scores!  The arts are worthy of study, whether or not they benefit other subjects.

This entry is the last one in a series of six articles about the benefits of arts education.

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Thanks to Mrs. Lenore Wilkison for her assistance in researching the sources in this series.

The arts are part of the core educational experience for all students at TPA and TPJA.  Our curriculum, 6th through 12th grades, calls for all students to participate in an arts class every semester. 

One thought on “Making music supports all learning”

  1. Music and Art make our lives beautiful.
    However, frequently they are not being valued in our education system.
    STEM have only recently added Art.
    I can’t imagine living without learning music and experience the “feeling” of music.
    Thanks for these wonderful articles.
    I’m both encouraged and inspired.

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