Music benefits youngsters, even babies

We’ve known for some time that music plays an important role in brain development.  A new study indicates that it helps young children, even babies, learn to behave in pro-social ways, in other words taking actions that help others and benefit the group.  Read the full article hereMusic education benefits humans beings, including children, in lots of ways.

This article, which Mrs. Wilkison brought to my attention, asserts that a child’s auditory systems develop faster with exposure to music.  The brain’s auditory system is essential to reading skills, language development and successful communication.

At TPA, every student is required to learn a musical instrument and to experience music performance, as well as music theory.

I ran a series of blog posts on some of the benefits of arts (and particularly music) education.  Access it here.

Parents do well to encourage and support their children’s music education, including that which occurs at TPA.



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