Music is essential to the liberal arts

Tempe Preparatory Academy is a “liberal arts” academy and music is an essential part of the liberal arts.  As author and aesthetician Peter Kalkavage states:

Why should young people study music? … Music has a central place in the lives of young people. For many, music is their life. Teaching music to the young is therefore much more than conveying historical information and technical facts, or helping students develop their musical talent. It is more than the effort to make them competent and aesthetically refined. In getting young people to engage in a serious study of music, we are giving them an opportunity to know themselves better by becoming more precisely aware of the amazing power that music has over them. Also … we are giving them an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the natural world—and of our connection to it—by becoming more aware of the mathematical order that underlies music.

Read the whole article here.

Thanks to Mrs. Wilkison for finding this excellent essay for us!

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