Welcome to the new site!

My website recently has undergone some revision.  Many of the changes may be invisible to you, the user.  Most of the changes are behind-the-scenes.  An addition you may enjoy is the Site Map, which acts as a kind of Table of Contents of the whole site.  The Blog is now more thoroughly integrated into the site and features labels for the posts, so you can easily follow a series of posts. 

For example, if you’d like to see postings related to research on music education, click on the “Research” link on one of the posts and there they are.  Looking for a little inspiration about music? Click on “Music Quotes” to find it.  (This is a new feature and there are only two quotes at this point.  I plan to add one each week. )

You may have received an email notice of new postings that really weren’t new at all.  This is probably a symptom of the changeover into the new site. 

Please let me know if you notice anything new and how you like it. 

Many thanks to my son Albert Wolfe for managing the changes.