What is a Recorder?

It’s a real musical instrument, it’s ancient (dating from the 15th century or before), it’s inexpensive (some stores sell them for about $10), and it’s not too hard to learn.  My books have pictures of recorders on the covers.

Do I have to learn music theory?

Knowing some music theory is just a way to be musically literate. Students find that they can learn to play music more quickly and better when they understand music theory.

What kind of music can recorders play?

Lots of different kinds!  Listen to the audio files of repertoire for Book 1and repertoire for Book 2 to get an idea of the music that is in the books.  Look at the side panel to the right to see which are the most popular songs.  Each book includes over 50 pieces and songs to play on the recorder.

Introducing the Recorder and Music Theory is for beginners.  It covers all the basics including notes, phrasing, and fingerings.

Exploring the Recorder and Music Theory is for students with some music background.

Both books include repertoire students enjoy performing.  Students learn to play by ear and improvise, too.