Book 1 Introducing

A book for teachers who are musical, creative, and busy

Introducing the Recorder and Music Theory, Book 1, 150 pages
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Introducing the Recorder and Music Theory acquaints students who have never studied music with the music-making process from beginning to performance. Students learn to read music, play a real musical instrument, understand meter, rhythm, and phrase, and otherwise become musically literate.

Although designed for the beginning student, the approach is fresh enough to challenge more experienced musicians to explore and deepen their understandings of music.

The revised edition corrected errors and ambiguities in the original edition and includes indexes of songs, poetry for improvisation, and music theory worksheets. Pages are designed to be removed from a binder and handed in or shown to the teacher.

Students have enjoyed learning and performing the songs and pieces in Introducing the Recorder, whether on the concert stage or in the classroom.